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The Escape to Ecuador Study Abroad Program is a program that will allow students to discover a unique and diverse international educational experience. Escape to Ecuador's goal is education for our students by providing an experience in which they will become fluent in Spanish and will learn through personalized programs that fit their subject interest. Our students will also learn through volunteer work and travel experiences throughout the unique and diverse ecologies and cultures of Ecuador. We provide our students the necessary tools for an unforgettable learning and life experience while living in Ecuador.



Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador



Dear Future Student,

Take a few minutes to explore the possibility to study abroad at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. Our university offers ample variety for choosing academic courses delivered in an authentic Latin American ambience, surrounded by incredible places and friendly people. You can learn and study the biodiversity of the Andes, the mystery of the Amazonia and the beauty of the Galapagos Islands. At the same time, you can improve or take your Spanish to perfection....  READ MORE


  Study Abroad at Pontificia Universidad de Catolica in Quito, Ecuador   Study Abroad at Pontificia Universidad de Catolica 


  Study Abroad at Pontificia Universidad de Catolica   Study Abroad at Pontificia Universidad de Catolica


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Learn Spanish and Surf in Montanita Ecuador!

Escape to Ecuador provides small mini-group Spanish. We pride ourselves on the quality of these courses. There are 4 lessons per day, 5 days per week. With 6 different ability groups you will be with others also keen to learn at the same level. By having others in your class it is an excellent way to stay motivated, practice what you are learning and to meet other students. Classes consist of 2 hours of largely Grammar based learning. We still try to make it fun! Then there are 2 hours of more conversational or activity based Spanish, to put into practice what you have learned. We have found this approach to be extremely effective. In the conversation/practical classes group members frequently go on trips around town, practice real world situations and even have cooking classes sometimes!